1. Congratulations, Lindsay! Thanks for sharing one of your books with me this school year! I’m excited for you and your book journey! Keep the creative juices flowing!

  2. You must be your students’ favorite teacher, with such an imagination! – I sure want more of this delightful delivery and clever content! The Fairy Tale Fixer was fun to read but also provided two important lessons about misunderstandings – the comically serious consequences of choosing a word that sounds right but means something entirely different, and how attempting to become popular can backfire! Loved the details in the drawings too, from titles of books on the shelves, to Fiona’s ruby sneakers, to the flying books on her pajamas! May there be a Randolph Caldecott medal in your future!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words of support. I’m so glad you enjoyed the first book. Reviews like yours give me extra motivation to finish up the second book that I’m working on now! Many thanks, Lindsay

  3. Congratulations Lindsay! We are so proud of you, we are sure that the book will be a huge success. Love you!
    Jo and Dad

  4. Lindsay, just ordered 2 copies for my grandkids – can’t wait to receive them so I can enjoy with them! Looking forward to seeing you next time you come to Granbury,

  5. We are so excited for you. I have ordered for my niece, daughter and best friends daughter. Also, a copy for the school library! Isabel and I were just talking about you the other day during our walk. Come to Texas soon!

  6. Thank you so much. Can’t wait to bring Fiona to Granbury. It’s already my home away from home – it should be hers too :)

  7. I have such fond memories of when you were of the age to be reading this book. I know your dad is probably just bursting with pride! Can’t wait to see it. Congratulations Linds, we love you.

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